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   New reagents to chicken co-stimulatory ligands and receptors

 John Young’s group have developed five new monoclonal antibodies - now made available through AbD Serotec:.

MCA2836 (clone AV79)  recognises chicken CD40

MCA2837 (clone IAH:F864:DC7) recognises chicken CD80

MCA2838 (clone IAH:F853:AG2) recognises chicken CD86

MCA2839 (clone IAH:F676:BE3) recognises chicken CD275

MCA2840 (clone IAH:F799:IC12) recognises chicken CD276

New mAbs to study bovine NK cells

Shirley Ellis's Group have produced mAbs to Ly49 and KIR

             New reagents for bovine IL-2

The Morphosys HuCal system has been successfully used to produce reagents recognizing bovine IL-2 - Jayne Hope's group are testing these for use in FCM and ELISA    

Reagent database - 1st phase release due soon

Paul Sopp, Lucy Taylor & John Dale have developed a reagent database that will be searchable using any web browser and will be made available to the whole research community. The aim was to compile and maintain the most complete list of details of reagents for use in veterinary species. The first phase release will include lists of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins available for cattle, chickens, horses, pigs and sheep. Click here to see screen shots of the database and the data entry application.

 New mAbs to ovine IL-8

Three monoclonal antibodies to ovine CXCL8/IL-8 developed by the Toolbox are currently being characterised and evaluated for species cross-reactivity with cattle and horse IL-8 in conjunction with USDA-VIRN. One monoclonal has been found to work on fixed sheep tissues

Researchers benefit from reagent transfers

Gary Entrican and Colin McInnes have distributed reagents to collaborators and formed domestic and international links - see current list.

Reagents for ovine cytokines

Gary Entrican's group have demonstrated staining of cell lines expressing ovine cytokines including Interferon-g, TNF-a, IL-8, IL-4 and IL-10

New reagents to equine molecules

Julia Kydd's group have generated polyclonal antisera (ovine) to equine TNF-alpha; IL-6; IL-15 and CD14. Recent developments also include production of CHO-K1 stably transfected with pcDNA3IGHG1 containing the sequence for RANTES; IL-6; TNF-alpha; Granzyme B and CD14



DGIL Porcine Immunology and Nutrition (PIN) database

NIAID, NIH Resources for Researchers

Equine Immunology Resource Page

Porcine Immunology Resources Homepage

Online Resources For Immunology Research Using Comparative And Veterinary Models

ImMunoGeneTics Database

Comparative Immunoglobulin Workshop (CIgW)

IPD - MHC Database

Centre For Animal Functional Genomics


Horse Genome Project

Sheep Genome Resources

NAGRP Cattle Genome Coordination Program

U.S. Veterinary Immune Reagent Network

Veterinary Immunology email forum

Recent publications from The Immunological Toolbox

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