Welcome to the Immunological Toolbox, a repository of antibodies, other reagents and resources to promote veterinary immunology research. Our aim is to remove barriers to veterinary vaccine development by facilitating information exchange and collaboration within a curated platform. To know more about the project and how data is curated, please visit the about section.

The toolbox

The Immunological Toolbox aims to provide accurate data on currently available reagents alongside the capacity to expand the veterinary reagent portfolio through the production and characterisation of new immunological reagents, new tools and assays to promote research. To request new reagents or information please contact the Immunological Toolbox directly here.

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The Pirbright Institute

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The Livestock Antibody Hub is an initiative aimed at improving animal and human health by applying research outcomes in livestock disease and immunology. A number of work programmes will focus on studying B cells and antibodies at multiple scales including gene expression, single cell function and the entire antibody response. Find out more

Further information

The data contained in this website is accurate to the best our knowledge, but where mistakes have been made or data is incomplete, we are relying on the wider community to submit informed corrections. If you have any queries or corrections please contact the Immunological Toolbox team.

This work is only possible with continued support from The Pirbright Institute, The Roslin Institute, and UKRI-BBSRC. For more information about the database, queries (including website) please contact the Immunological Toolbox team. Please see our licence for our terms of use.